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Avon Lake Theater ALHS drama club play musical show PAC

ALHS Drama Club Presents Elf the Musical JR.

Cast List

Cast Names are listed in alphabetical order by last names. (Excuse any misspellings.) All specific ensemble characters, such as Workshop Elves, New Yorkers, Macy’s Employees, Office Staff, etc. will be assigned at rehearsal on Mon., Sept. 30th from 3:15-5:30 pm in the PAC. Save your questions, regarding characters until Monday. PLEASE, share a copy of the updated rehearsal schedule with your parents. It is posted on the website and Remind text. AND, AS ALWAYS - Be considerate of those individuals not fortunate enough to be cast. No negative comments on social media. Thank you!

Kaylee Arrington: 

Kate Baugh: 

Joey Birk: 

Anna Carone: 

Ben Cuomo: 

Bowen Dansizen: 

Ben Dorman: 

Anna Maria Durbin: 

Patrick Duskey: 

Brett Enders: 

Drew Fournier: 

Abby Golden: 

Lily Good: 

Danny Gray: 

Lauren Hansborough: 

Nick Hansborough: 

Tomi Johnson-Kea: 

Nate Jorgensen: 

Ava Keller: 

Alyssa Kordish: 

Andrew Lindner: 

Rebecca Lisi: 

Clara Orr: 

Grace Osoteo: 

Christian Pudelski:  

Ella Rudkin: 

Abbey Safos: 

Mary Shabab: 

Katie Soltis: 

Hope Tamoney: 

Kayli Vance: 

Ella Venneri: 

Gannon Wacker: 

Mitch Wargo: 

Haleigh Whitt: 

Katie Williams

Maggie Williams: 

Katie Yarham: 

Charlie/Vocal Ensemble

Policewoman #2/Ensemble

Understudy for Michael Hobbs/Vocal Ensemble

Teenager/Vocal Ensemble

Santa Claus/Vocal Ensemble

Flyer Guy #1/Vocal Ensemble

Jogger/Policeman #1/Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

Fake Santa/Understudy for Mr. Greenway/Ensemble

Ms. Chadwick/Understudy for Emily Hobbs/Vocal Ensemble

Security Guard #2/Ensemble


Santa’s Helper/Ensemble



Macy’s Manager

Lead Elf #3/Vocal Ensemble

Mr. Greenway/Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

Security Guard #1/Ensemble

Michael Hobbs

Emily Hobbs

Darlene Lambert/Dicken’s Caroler/Vocal Ensemble

Lead Elf #1/Deb/Vocal Ensemble

Lead Elf #2/Understudy for Macy’s Manager/Dicken’s Caroler/Vocal Ensemble

Sarah/Vocal Ensemble

Business Woman/Vocal Ensemble

Sam(Samantha)/Mother/Dicken’s Caroler/Vocal Ensemble

Emma Van Brocklin/Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

Ms. Matthews/Understudy for Jovie/Vocal Ensemble

Lead Elf #4/Vocal Ensemble

Walter Hobbs

Saleswoman/Vocal Ensemble

Flyer Gal #2/Vocal Ensemble

Charlotte Denison/Ensemble

Lead Elf #5/Understudy for Deb/Vocal Ensemble