Life changes in an instant

Those ghastly adults cry

And suddenly we float adrift

Under a dull, sullen sky.

We know you will find solace
If in a book you fall
Choose a special revolting tale

Penned by ludicrous Roald Dahl.

“James and the Giant Peach” or
“The Witches” bewilder
And if you’re missing your school chums

Then you must read Matilda!

Her parents are narcissistic

Her teacher, a Honey

Watch Matilda tame a bully

Uproariously funny!

Matilda the Musical
Boasts acrobatic flair
A horrid headmistress Trunchbull

And children dancing midair

Join us at the theatre
We will save you a seat
Bring along your friends and family

To this dark, macabre treat

Explore the world of Roald Dahl

What will you uncover?
A timeline, script and crafts await

Silly “gobblefunk” discover!

We hope you enjoy!